SEC Year in Review for Advisors

So far 2022 has been one of the busiest regulatory years we have seen!

Here we leave you with three takeaways for traditional finance and blockchain compliance programs:

  1. Follow Gensler & other top regulators on Twitter
  2. Basics are important. Have an independent review of your program
  3. Understand operational risks & build resiliency. Use technology for duty of loyalty (conflicts), transparency (performance & costs/expenses), and care (conduct standards, ESG)

Blockchain Highlights

  • A must-see is the debate on blockchain and DeFi regulatory approach. Click here to watch it!
  • The FTX Breach article is an important reminder about the duty to users/customers

2022 SEC Wrap Up

Here is an inventory to help you recap SEC priorities for the testing of your compliance program.

2022 Examination Priorities

Additional Resources

1. Marketing & Biz Dev

    • Risk Alert: Examination Focused on the New Investment Adviser – Marketing Rules

2. Errors

3. Cybersecurity
SEC Statements on Cybersecurity

4. Standard of Conduct

5. ESG Investing Practices

6. Information & Operational Resilience