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You’ve probably already sensed that there is a disconnect within your business and you should consider opportunities to better protect your organization and yourself from liability. The good news is that you can change course today.

You may still feel that Compliance’s job is reactionary, that it is a form of damage control. This attitude closes you off from a governance structure that avoids pitfalls rather than wasting time climbing out of them. In chapter two of book, Triple Bottom-Line Compliance: How to Deliver Protection, Productivity, and Impact, Beth Haddock outlines the importance of sustainable governance. Sustainable governance shields you and your company, but it goes further than that. Imagine a business that genuinely learns from its mistakes, one that is not doomed to repeat the same issues year after year.

You can create this kind of sustainable governance for your organization, but it will take some change to enjoy a compliance ROI that forges a culture impervious to regulatory snafus while building relationships with the business. Through incentives, effective training, and a “trust but verify” approach, your employees will be engaged and know that the standards you set are for their benefit as well.

Beth’s book can get you thinking about the right questions to ask of yourself and your company. Learn clear paths towards sustainable governance through her guidelines and stories from the field culled from her career and from other noted experts.

Beth Haddock’s consulting firm offers micro-training, mock audits, annual reviews, compliance officer conflicts management, and guidance from those who have sat in the chief compliance officer chair. Set a new standard for your business today.

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