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You are clearly aware that compliance needs to be integral for a company like yours to succeed. You know the cost of running afoul of a regulatory agency for yourself and your organization. You know that preparedness for personal and organizational liability during a crisis is a virtue. However, your understanding of what “preparedness” looks like is not fully in sync with today’s reality.

In a truly modern office, compliance officers are too reactive if they are to just regulatory gatekeepers. Effective compliance demands not only a firm grasp of regulatory duties but of the relationship skills inherent to a client-facing position. To encompass this dual role, Beth Haddock coined the term “Glient” in her new book, Triple Bottom-Line Compliance: How to Deliver Protection, Productivity, and Impact.

A compliance officer serves their “Glients” by building relationships throughout the organization. It is only through a sincere understanding of the people, products, and services offered that they will be able to help keep potential headaches at bay and add sustainable value.

While you are certainly ahead of the pack, adjustments are needed to make sure your compliance is airtight and that it delivers a ROI. In her book, Beth Haddock outlines the practices and strategies to protect your reputation by building a sustainable governance that can be leveraged to a competitive advantage.

There are practical methods that can be used across many industries, but your needs are unique. If you feel uncertain about the current state of compliance, contact Beth’s office to set up your consultation today.

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