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Congratulations, you are a true rarity. Your appreciation and integration of compliance and business ethics in your day-to-day affairs sets you apart. Your team understands the high stakes as well as the incredible opportunities. They embody the standard for which you strive. What is important now is to maintain this ethos moving forward.

Keeping pace with regulations means that you cannot rest on your merits. It is because you were so active that you’ve achieved this level of sustainable governance; do not make the mistake of thinking that you can put everything on autopilot.

As your company grows and adds new products and faces, are you confident that they will be committed to your ethical standard with the necessary zeal? In Beth Haddock’s book, Triple Bottom-Line Compliance: How to Deliver Protection, Productivity, and Impact, you will find succinct breakdowns – using behavioral economics – on how to engage your organization in building sustainable governance.

When everything is going well, it can be tough to comprehend the importance of sustainability and impact. Regular checkups, employing a “trust but verify” culture, incentivizing ethical moves – these things are, of course, vital. However, it’s important to plan and prepare for personal and organizational liability during a crisis. If you aren’t sure how to take your program to the next level, let Beth help.

Beth Haddock’s consulting firm offers impactful micro-training, mock audits, annual reviews, compliance officer conflicts management and guidance from those who have delivered sustainable governance while sitting in the chief compliance officer chair. Be sure your company continues moving in the right direction; contact Beth today.

Beth has seen organizations through countless compliance issues and helped maintain a standard of excellence for those companies able to thrive. If you think your company could benefit from a slight tune up, contact Beth’s office today to set up a time for her to address your team.

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